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Green Tara Statue

Dimensions: 2.5L X 6W X 6H in.
Weight: 1lb 6 oz.
Metal cast Green Tara Goddess
Imported from India


Green Tara's name has several meanings. The base/root of her name means Star. She is an emanation of the Savioress of the East, The Goddess or Bodhisattva Tara ferries humanity across (the ocean of existence).  As one who embodies an aspect of Avalokitesvara, like Kuan Yin, she  ferries devotees across the sea of samsara.  She is the one who saves; the Liberator, Savioress. This brightly, gold painted statue of the Goddess is seated in the classic lotus posture. In her enfolding hands is an urn or vessel on which three ribbons are streaming from beneath the urn's lid.  Are these symbolic of the 3 jewels or treasures of the Buddhist tradition?  Is she safeguarding the (Sangha, Dharma, Buddha) in her hands?


On the reverse side of this Tara Goddess statue are red painted details or markings. While the primary color of Green Tara is the green of youthful vitality, health and activity, the red as the secondary color is both complementary and identifies this Bodhisattva as being part of the lineage of the Western Buddha Lotus line, traditionally associated with the red colors.  Other rich adornments of this statue, include the ornate and elaborate headdress and the accouterments surrounding her arms, which symbolism may one day be discerned in silent meditation by whomever has placed this metal Green Tara statue near-by their altar or place consecrated to meditation practice. Perhaps the Goddess herself will instruct you in the meaning of her embellishments in the stillness of quiet repose.


Vendor Insider comments:  The product page photo of this statue does not reproduce the pink patina that blends with the golden hue of this statue. Upon actual close-up examination of this piece, you can see that the lower portions of this seated Bodhisattva are bathed in an iridescent, golden-pink glow. Yes. Definitely reminiscent of the Buddhic golden-pink glow ray that is the hallmark of the loving heart wedded with the mind in the heart-mind connection.

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