Joy on Your Inner Journey: Daily Meditations on Conscious Living

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Joy on Your Inner Journey: Daily Meditations on Conscious Living

by David Christopher Lewis
Paperback, 400 pages

These daily meditations provide inspiration to enter a sanctum of love, inner peace, joy, harmony and oneness with your Presence, your Buddha nature, God and the divinity within all life. —David Christopher Lewis.

The expression of joy is one that brings beautiful spiritual upliftment to all. If we can maintain a state of joy, we magnetize the violet light, just as the violet light magnetizes joy. What is it about the bubbly, effervescent energy of the violet light that magnifies joy? It truly is love at its core. For where there is love, there is happiness; where there is compassion, there is understanding, which brings joy into all situations; and where there is charity, there is naturally a certain levity. It has been said that it is better to give than to receive, and yet we must be able to receive in order to give. There is a tai-chi action of charity whereby when we give, we are blessed by charity and joy and we ourselves feel upliftment in the very process of giving and emanating light. —February 7th


I love short and sweet daily inspirational messages to reflect on to begin or end my day. They give me something to spiritually chew on as I either prepare to engage in meditation, prayer, exercise and work or to calm my mind and spirit before retiring at night.

I hope that you will enjoy these excerpts of messages from numerous ascended masters, angels or divine beings that we call HeartStreams. They share poignant wisdom as well as divinely sweet or savory energy that I pray will help you feel inner peace and joyous love toward all.

Joy on Your Inner Journey: Daily Meditations on Conscious Living is our third in a series of daily meditation books after Light on the Path: Inspiration for Each Day of the Year (2017) and Love on the Path Home: Daily Meditations on Living in Presence (2021).

May your spirit be caressed with happiness as each message christens you with joyous love as you walk in kindness to be a blessing to your loved ones, your community and our world. —David Christopher Lewis