Kuan Yin on Mercy, Forgiveness and the Bodhisattva Path

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Kuan Yin on Mercy, Forgiveness and the Bodhisattva Path

by David Christopher Lewis
Softcover, 289 pages with 15 full color images

From the Goddess of Mercy, Beloved Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin shares her wisdom and love to move us forward to walk the bodhisattva path and fulfill our divine mission on Earth. She speaks of the grace and compassion of mercy, of how mercy is the greatest form of justice and how to accept the flame of mercy in our hearts as a transformative power of lifechanging virtue.

“Mercy is required for true healing at all levels of consciousness. The mercy flame impels each being to see the divine within all. The voice of mercypeace will help end war upon Earth even while merciful, compassionate communication is key to ending all conflict.”

Within these sixty poignant HeartStreams Kuan Yin unveils for all the mystical path of mercy, bodhicitta and bodhisattva love. You do not have to be a Buddhist to enjoy the Presence and powerful radiance of Avalokiteshvara – another name for beloved Kuan Yin.

Introduction by David Christopher Lewis

A legend states that Kuan Yin was ready to enter the nirvanic realm after attaining enlightenment and completing her mission on Earth whereupon she heard the cries of mankind. She then turned back and vowed to stay with Earth’s evolutions until all are awakened and free. This is considered the origin of the bodhisattva tradition which thousands have walked since to be of selfless service to others struggling to rise out of the sea of samsara into heaven’s estate.

Known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, Kuan Yin has been revered by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is considered to be the greatest of bodhisattvas and embodies the divine virtues of mercy, loving compassion and forgiveness for all of humanity. Serving on the Great Karmic Board, the spiritual governing body which oversees the release of both justice and mercy for Earth’s evolutions, Kuan Yin represents the violet light of the seven rainbow rays and often advocates for a gentler and more merciful adjudication of both personal and planetary karma.

Beloved Kuan Yin has been a miraculous presence in my spiritual life, especially once she began HeartStreaming through me on Thanksgiving Day in 2004.

I pray that this tome with sixty of Kuan Yin’s transcribed HeartStreams will provide you with divine insights and holy inspirations from the Savioress from the East whose feminine light is a healing unguent and grace to us all! May her words edify and raise you up to experience the bliss and radiance of her bodhisattva beingness!  —Lovingly yours, David Christopher Lewis

Table of Contents

  1. Many More Servitors of Light Must Take Up This Path of Serving in Practical Ways to Bring Our Message of Mercy to Souls in Need
  2. Make the Sacred Vow to Save All Sentient Beings and Feel the Weight Upon Your Beings of Taking Upon Yourself the Substance of Those Who Would Be Saved This Day
  3. You Are Ready for New Initiations: I Accelerate the Atoms Within Each of You
  4. Kuan Yin Comes to Give Mercy, to Share Mercy, to Be Mercy Unto All
  5. Peace Has Come Standing Upon the Shores of These United States: The Specific Form of Peace That Comes to These Shores Is One That Will Cause Mankind to Kneel Once Again in Prayer to the One God in Humility
  6. I Bless All Sentient Beings Through the Action of the Ray of Mercy
  7. You Are God. Truly His Mind Is Thine. I Weave a Cosmic Tapestry of Fire and Light of Your Ideations
  8. The Lotus Light of the Threefold Flame; The Erasing of Ancient Records in Japan
  9. Begin to Understand A Greater Measure of the Mercy That Is Required for True Healing at All Levels
  10. Ribbons of Violet-Pink Light to Remember Mercy and the People of Taiwan
  11. Initiating A Spiral of Peace While Riding Its Wave; Keeping an Eye on All as God; Spinning A Cosmic Lei of Fire; Flashing Mercy to the Souls of Mankind
  12. Win Souls with A Heart of Mercy; Purity of Motive of Mercy Is My Gift to You Today; Have the Courage to Speak of Compassionate Communication
  13. A Report on the Results of Your Weekend Cascading Vigil: Peace, Be Still and Know That I Am Mercy!
  14. Honor the Children— Reverse Roe v. Wade; Manifest Mercy Now If You Would Receive Mercy for the Souls of Earth
  15. You Are A Lotus of Love in The Eye of God; Kuan Yin Enfires the Jewel Within That Lotus Expanding the Solar Fires of Mercy to A World in Need
  16. The Mother Calls. Listen to Her Voice. I Will Be Your Voice
  17. We Must Have Examples. Each of You Must Come Up Higher to Counterbalance the Darkness
  18. All Hearts Centers Should Be Oases of Mercy to Those Who Come to Receive the Light That You Bear
  19. The Humble of Heart Receive God’s Diadem of Fire
  20. Extend Yourself to Others, Holding That Concept of Divine Mercy for Them
  21. Garner the Oil of Mercy as Bodhisattvas of Love
  22. Dine from the Bounty Feast of the Divine Mother
  23. Love Those Who Speak Evil of Thee
  24. The Art of Spiritual Diplomacy: Creating A Field of Forgiveness
  25. Be Initiators of the New Mercy Teaching
  26. The Discernment of Mercy; You Must Have the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  27. I Extend the Mercy Flame to You Each One; Receive the Lotus Flame
  28. Gaining Mastery in Being Merciful
  29. Greater Healing of Body, Mind, and Soul: The Mission of Bodhisattvas
  30. Blessings from the Mother of the East; Embrace Your Buddha Nature, Your Mother Nature, Today
  31. Enter the Heart of Kuan Yin and Know Oneness with Your Solar Presence; Kuan Yin and Manjushri— an Omega-Alpha Action of Integration
  32. I Come This Mother’s Day to Restore a Sense of Holiness of Your Soul
  33. To Be a Buddha Is Also to Be a Mother to All Life
  34. Love Your Enemies, Compassionately Embrace the Enemy Within
  35. Your Healing Ministry Is Not Only for the Alleviation of Human Suffering, It Is for the Earth Itself
  36. Abide in the Mercy State of Beingness, Wholly in Love with God
  37. Much Has Been Mitigated by the Conscious Work of Spiritual Adepts and New Thinkers Whose Heart-fires Are Engaged with Heaven
  38. I Have Discovered Within You A New Light of Mercy (Upon The Release of The New Kuan Yin’s Rosary of Mercy) The Tear Upon the Cheek of The Buddha Now Waters the Planet with Even Greater Compassion
  39. I Send Currents of the Power of Mercy to North Korea and China
  40. Lotus Buds of Mercy Deposited Within Your Spiritual Body: A Roseate Sphere of Cosmic Consciousness Within the Atmosphere of the Earth
  41. Avalokitesvara Comes for the Dissolving of One Thousand Years of Karma Through A Blessing with the Amethyst Heart

Illustrations by David Keil

  1. Find Kuan Yin Within Your Heart in Some New Way Each Day; You Do Not Have to Be Burdened If You Choose the Path of Mercy-Joy
  2. The Graciousness and Tenderness of God’s Heart Is Yours to Know
  3. Kuan Yin Blesses Conferees with as Amethyst Heart As They Offer I AM Mercy Statements; You Have Received a Portion of My Fire So That You May Represent Me And Expand the Mercy Fire to Life
  4. Kuan Yin Infuses the Temple Fountains with an Essence of Mercy to Assist Us
  5. Kuan Yin Pours a Vase of Mercy Oil Over the Earth
  6. Kuan Yin Shares Teachings on Mercy and the Magic of Her Retreat
  7. The Dance of the Bodhisattvas of Peace
  8. Discovering the Essences of Mercy and Offering Your Mercy Heart to the World
  9. Kuan Yin and Her Angels Anoint Us with the Light of Mercy
  10. Welcome to My Merciful Heart
  11. Kuan Yin Bathes Us in Her Mercy Light
  12. Teaching on Mercy
  13. Kuan Yin Speaks on the Mirth of Mercy
  14. Mercy Heals Your Past, Present and Future!
  15. The Art and the Heart of Mercy
  16. Manifest Mercy Throughout Your Entire Being
  17. Accentuate Mercy to Live in a Field of Heart-Centered Joy
  18. Live in the Nurturing Essence of the Mother; My Flowers: Bud and Bloom Daily and I Will Draw You Unto My Gardens in Heaven
  19. Kuan Yin Speaks on Maintaining a Compassionate Heart During Troubling Times

Appendix: Prayers, Rosaries and Songs

Thirty-Three Manifestations of Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin’s Ten Vows

Kuan Yin’s Rosary Prayer

Kuan Yin, Come!

Blaze Forth Ruby Love!

Kuan Yin’s Rosary of Mercy (How to acquire it)