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Carved Wooden Buddha

30 lbs 24" h x 17"w x 11"
Price $888.00
This exquisite carved wooden Buddha has been recently purchased from a private collection. The asking price is an excellent value competively priced on today's market for iconic, imported statues with this level of artisanship.

Measuring a full 2 feet in height, and weighing in at 30 pounds, please factor in the shipping costs required to send you this Buddhist art treasure.

About the mudras:  The right hand of this carving is raised in the "Akash Mudra" (also the Karana mudra). The tip of the middle finger joins the tip of the thumb, while the remaining fingers remain stretched upright. According to haleclinicmeditation, this mudra opens space, clarity and energy, relieving the practitioner from dullness, lethargy and generating new energy.

Healing benefits: Continuing, this mudra is said to be useful for heart diseases. It can stregthen bones and prevent diseases related to nasal and oral cavities. Also helps to remove frustration.

Left Hand Mudra;  The left hand placed in the lap of the seated, meditative pose, palm upwards is a gesture of leisure which reflects a placid, mindful resting in the Presence. In addition the index finger forms a closed circle with the thumb. This forms the "Vitarka Mudra" which bespeaks the Wheel of the Teaching. Thus, the mindful, conscious one deploys this (Yin) mudra to harvest wisdom for the healing thrust of energy (chi) through the (Yang) mudra of the raised, right hand.

Thus, together the mudras of this carved Buddha convey an active will both receiving and projecting healing, while the facial expression abides in serene acceptance of the dynamic energy flow accomplishing its perfect work.

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