Tara Devi Mask Wall Sculpture

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Metal Tara Mask Wall Sculpture

Dimensions: 2.5L X 6W X 10H in.

Weight: 3lb 3 oz.
Brass cast Goddess Tara Devi Wall-Hanging Mask
Imported from India

A beautiful, regal rendition of the Goddess Tara sculpted to be hung on your wall. In Tibetan Buddhism, the Goddess or female Bodhisattva Tara can be revered in many forms. This particular mask is adorned with a green ornate, stylized headress which makes you think that she is revealing herself as the Green Tara which is the most popular and common form. And yet, compared to other likenesses of Tara viewable on the online market place, there is something about this piece that conveys an aspect of the Mother Kali; perhaps it's the noble expression that gives us a hint of severity or seriousness that rises above human reproach or nonsense.  A reminder that among the Hindu and Buddhist deities there are female Buddhas that guard and defend the divine world and their charges with a fieceness that gives no quarter to indulging foolishness.


Inviting this sculpture into your home or sanctuary is allowing this focus to hold a flame before the third eye, that recalls that the path of the bodhisattva or spiritual adept is a commitment not to be trifled with, nor is the steep climb to the summit of being a path for prima donnas.  To know, to do, to dare and to be silent. all wrapped up in the single-eyed vision of the meditation deity Tara. Yours now to claim.