Seated Metal Shiva Statue

Price: $249.00
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Seated Metal Shiva Statue

6.5 lbs 11" h x 7"w x 5"
Price $249.00

This metal cast statue of Lord Shiva definitely shows off the more feminine aspects of
the Hindu Deity. (And yes, the Holy Spirit comes on the feminine Ray) Shiva,
understoood here in the west as the equivalent of the Holy Spirit aspect of the Trinity
has in the Hindu pantheon a multitude of differing aspects. And each of those aspects
has a particular name appended to the "Shiva" designation.

This model of Shiva has many symbols which represent the God power that He/She
employs. The axe in (one of the right hands) allows this Deity to cleave asunder
delusion, miasma, obscuration from her devotees. In a left hand there appears to be a
blossom which may flower as an alchemy of worship is completed.

Above her head she is festooned with a flaming crown, which indicates the refining fire
she wields. Purgation and purification thrust as a spear -- who dares to invoke her
blazing touch? And to you, oh disciple. Shall what she brings be felt by you as weal or
woe? We know one thing. Given that one leg of this cast sculpture is extended and
ready to stand, she is indeed ready for action and intercession at a moment's notice.

Now placed on your altar, you have a statue focus and reminder--that can be used as
one more item in your spiritual tool kit. There are a multitude of helping hands proffered
by God's Spirit helpers in answer to our prayers. As quick as lightning, Shiva is at-the-
ready to powerfully act in our world.