Tara Brass Mask Wall Sculpture

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Metal Tara Mask Wall Sculpture

Dimensions: 2.5L X 6W X 10H in.
Weight:  3lb. 6 oz.

Metal cast Goddess Tara Wall-Hanging Mask


This brass Goddess Tara sculpture or metal mask is designed to be hung on your wall. The face of this meditating bodhisattva is sublimely smiling, mildly reminding us that we are the "smiling meditators". Noteworthy are the distinct markings at the level of the third eye, which may resemble a stylized iconography of a lotus blossom. The lotus in the East represents enlightenment and the kundalini raised at the level of the third eye or crown chakra. Thus, we behold one absorbed in blissful contemplation through perfect vision. As a meditation deity, Tara imparts to the practitioner certain Buddhic qualities, both secret teachings on the inner, and outer understanding about compassion and emptying of the mind.


The serene expression, the raised eyebrows, the trident-like array of hair with the headress adorning this metal Goddess help convey a sense of nobility, integrity; even a countenance of attainment of that state named picture-perfect-Presence. The innermost secrets this meditator reveals with-in an immaculate perview is accessible to her closest intiates only.  Now that the secret is revealed that this metal Tara is for sale in the here and now, in this time and place, may it spur you into acting before she goes home with another...