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The Magic Singer

by Joann Elliot
Softcover: 118 pages

The Magic Singer is a visionary fantasy for teenagers and young adults. While coming of age in Melodus, Susanna discovers that the power of singing can save her home. The story illustrates that each of us shines with a great light of joy and beauty, fueled by a love beyond all loves that is bursting to find expression. Susanna, the heroine of this story, travels within herself to find the unique gift that can keep her home and world from destruction. Along the path she learns to conquer her fears, rescue herself from being dulled-down and find the secret home of the Magic Singer.

This beautiful story presents the teachings of the ascended masters in a form that is appealing to everyone, no matter their spiritual background. It is an intriguing story that has hidden depths and understandings of the inner perfection of every young person, and adult, waiting to be revealed as they face the opportunities presented by their lives. Susanna faces challenges and as she pays attention to the support and love in her environment, both seen and unseen, physical and etheric, she finds her own imaginative capacity to transform her world into the beauty, joy, and purity she finds within herself. This story will inspire everyone who reads it to find their own song that waits to be sung!

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