Inner Secrets: About Our Sun, Earth, Birth, Life and Death

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Inner Secrets: about Our Sun, Earth, Birth, Life and Death

By M. Victoria Davis
Softcover, 240 pages
My personal experiences in modern-day mystery schools and their teachings on inner secrets.

A Few Highlights
  1. Our Sun at the etheric level manifests a magnificent civilization of great beauty and light compared to the Sun's fiery orbit at the physical level.

  2. The seven colors of the rainbow formed the different abilities, interests and talents of souls now on earth that first began in the world of spirit.

  3. The earth is not only populated on the surface but also in very large and small connecting caverns within the crust that is approximately 800 miles thick surrounding and inner space that is also populated along with an inner sun. Those living in the center of the earth are technically and spiritually advanced and up to 15 feet tall. Those living within the crust are more diverse and include various inner groups of unknown origin—good and bad aliens, and surface dwellers. The center of gravity is located midway in the crust.

  4. We each have our own body elemental who was assigned to us at our first embodiment on earth. They attend to our personal needs while we are sleeping. Our body elemental, along with that of the body elementals of our father and mother, were the builders of the fetus in our mother's womb.

  5. The antidote to returning negative karma in the Aquarian Age is the Violet Flame that dissolves and transmutes ancient and current karmic records.

  6. Earth has two heaven worlds. The first heaven is on the etheric plane and is for those who have a threefold flame, Christ Self and I AM God Presence. The second heaven is the top six levels of the astral plane for those who were created in the material realm by scientists of past ages up to the present hour including animal life and other physical entities who are positive in nature but do not have a threefold flame, Christ Self or I AM Presence.

  7. We are at the end of the Kali Yuga of 432,000 years. Life is in the process of now rising from the physical to the spirit plane. At this time all must choose whom they will serve—Mammon or the God of Love! Our choice will potentially relegate our souls to another planet in the physical plane or to rise up to the etheric plane; for some to the spiritual realm and for others, extinction.



"Inner Secrets was a delight to read. The stories were engaging and fun. The spiritual information was fascinating. Although I have been a student of the ascended masters for 40 years, there were a lot of new revelations for me shared in this book. It gave me an expanded awareness of the universe and how we fit into the plan for a golden crystal age to manifest. I highly recommend this book!   Nancy L.