Find the Pearl of Great Price!

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Find the Pearl of Great Price!

Memoirs of a Black Mystic from the Bronx
by Rev. Bonita Frazier

About the Book

If you want to find an example of someone who walked the path of the mystic, look at Jesus the Christ. The sincere obedience Jesus showed the Father and his love of humanity is something we’re all meant to do in our own way. Saint Francis of Assisi, Rebecca Cox Jackson, Khalil Gibran, and many others were also led by the presence of God they discovered within themselves. In this memoir, the Rev. Bonita Jones Frazier describes the transcendental experiences that she has had from the time she was a child until today. Along the way, she shares how she discovered who she is and her purpose in life. The journey she shares goes by many names, including the Path of the Kabala in Judaism, the Path of the Sufi in Islam, the Path of the Christian Mystic, the Path of the Bodhisattva in Buddhism, and others. You, too, can be a modern-day mystic following your own religious tradition. The “Pearl of Great Price” is knowing God as a seed in your heart, a divine spark, waiting to be loved, nurtured and brought to a full, glorious bloom.

About the Author

Rev. Bonita Jones Frazier holds a Masters Degree in Education from Boston University and has served on faculties of Pepperdine, Virginia Union and Virginia Commonwealth Universities. Bonita is also an international trainer and master teacher having served professional educators across two continents. She is married and lives with her husband and family in Silver Spring, Maryland. Bonita is also an ordained minister and serves communities throughout the northeast of the United States.