Ecos Del Alma CD

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Ecos de Alma




Ecos del Alma captures the colorful, passionate spirit of Latin American music.

The title of this recording, Ecos del Alma, means “echoes of the soul.” An echo is a sound created in the past that continues to resonate in the present moment. Son del Sur musicians each have a deep soul connection with traditional and indigenous music from their home countries in Latin America. On this recording, Son del Sur plays traditional sounds of the past and brings them to life in the present moment with heart and soul.

Ecos del Alma combines a variety of instruments and styles representing different Latin American regions with traditions of harp playing in one recording. The musicians that formed the group Son del Sur are from various countries throughout Latin American. They met in Minnesota and through their exchange and sharing of cultural and musical passions they combined their musical traditions and created a sound very much their own.





Click on the underlined songs to listen to short music samples.


1. El Condor Pasa (The Flight of the Condor) 
2. Palomita Guasiruca (My Beautiful Dove) 

3. Moliendo Cafe (Grinding Coffee)
4. Los Diamantes (The Diamonds)
5. Mercedita
6. Luna Llena (Full Moon)
7. Pajaro Campana (The Bell Bird)
8. El Tingo Lingo
9. Guantanamera
10. Melodia Para Ti (Melody for You)
11. El Jabali (The Boar)
12. La Partida (The Farewell)


YouTube video of Nicolas Carter playing at Moliendo Cafe