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Songs to the Seven Elohim CD

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Songs to the Seven Elohim CD

Music by Robert Resetar

1. The Gift of Love 3:22
2. Dona Nobis Pacem 3:48
3. Hercules, Descend! 3:16
4. Prayer to Arcturus 3:31
5. Ode to Cyclopea and Virginia 3:48
6. Mighty Astrea 3:27
7. Hail, Elohim of Wisdom 3:40
  Total: 24:52

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The music of the spheres, compressed on a disc of light! These seven songs hold keys to blend and enrich your soul with spiritual fire. These melodies will align your chakras and emit the color frequency of each of the seven rays in harmony and balance in you. The very power of God is anchored in form through this music in a cosmic action of light wherever they are heard. They resonate celestial Love, Peace, Strength, Freedom, Vision, Purity and Wisdom. When these divinely inspired melodies are played, sacred-fire energy can rise from the base to the crown of your being. These songs will hum in your soul all day, refreshing your spirit with an impetus of Elohimic joy and fire. 

Within the energy fields of these melodic strains, pure light is released as a vibration of pure love into your world and into the cosmos. The Elohimic messages reveal these divine beings in a new and noble way, as conveyed through the nuances within the note patterns, within the harmonies, and voices, hand-picked to sing these songs.

Composer, Robert Resetar, felt inspired and directed by the Elohim to embed certain patterns within the music, crystallizations of cosmic light energy indicative of the vibration of the original creation itself. The seven Elohim, with their divine feminine complements, are the original builders of form spoken of in Genesis. They are beings of starfire light. They emit the seven cardinal rays of the Sun and refract its light as God’s principal virtues. (Their names, their rays and qualities are identified below.)

Yes, woven into these musical arrangements are the transmuting effects of the light to uncreate what is not of the divine within you and your world and then recreate the world again and again in a new and higher image of light within you. By playing the Songs to the Seven Elohim often in your home, in your vehicle, in your office, and out in nature itself, the very action of the light of each of the seven Elohim will cascade through every heavenly portal opened by the musical mastery exhibited within these compositions.


Listening to and meditating upon the Elohim while praying to them and singing their songs affords you a glimpse into their higher reality. —Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

Robert Resetar, an awarded composer, graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1975. In that year he won the Richard Levy Composition Award at Berklee and produced a concert of his own music at John Hancock Hall. He soon began working for the Boston Symphony Orchestra as a copyist and orchestrator. During his time in Boston he began scoring documentaries as well as producing orchestral church services of his own music, which featured talented singers, instrumentalists and dancers from a variety of universities and conservatories.

In 1983 he moved to Los Angeles to score for television and films. He also produced his first instrumental CD called Overcurrents, which played in regular rotation on the WAVE radio station for several months. In addition to film scoring, he composed several scores for planetariums and television shows like NOVA, National Geographic, many PBS series, and more.

Some of his orchestration credits include the Houston Symphony’s CD of Television Theme Songs, Prime Time, several Gershwin pieces for solo violin and orchestra with the Minnesota Orchestra, and his own compositions for children, Princess Nada and the City of Ice and Princess Nada and the Crystal of the Sun, performed by the Minnesota Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony, and many others.

In 2008, he won two Telly Awards in the cinematography and travel film categories for his video production, Southern Arizona Traveler, which has been on PBS.

In May of 2012 the Tucson Pops Orchestra and the Tucson Arizona Boys’ Chorus, conducted by Dr. Julian Ackerly, performed the premiere of Robert’s latest composition, Lilies of the Field.

The Seven Elohim and Their Feminine Complements

HERCULES and AMAZONIA: First Ray - Blue Ray, Faith, Protection, Perfection, God's Will
APOLLO and LUMINA: Second Ray - Yellow Ray, Wisdom, Illumination, Knowledge, Constancy
HEROS and AMORA: Third Ray - Pink Ray/ Ruby Ray, Love, Adoration, Kindness, Compassion, Gratitude
PURITY and ASTREA: Fourth Ray - White Ray, Purity, Harmony, Poise
CYCLOPEA and VIRGINIA: Fifth Ray - Green Ray, Truth, Healing, Science, Music, Precipitation, Vision
PEACE and ALOHA: Sixth Ray - Purple and Gold Ray/ Ruby Ray, Peace, Ministration, Service
ARCTURUS and VICTORIA: Seventh Ray - Violet Ray, Freedom, Mercy, Forgiveness, Transmutation

*The Elohim, referred to in Revelation as the “seven spirits of God” and in Job as the “morning stars,” are beings of immense light and power. They are also called the Builders of Form because it is they who created the physical universe in which we live.  

C4-4, C4-7