In the Garden with Anastasia VII

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Onsite Attendance Only

In the Garden with Anastasia VII
Nature's Miracles, Food Forest and Elemental Joy

Paradise Permaculture Institute, Livingston, MT
and Healing Light Retreat, Emigrant
June 19, 2024

A Permaculture Morning
A time of interaction with elemental life and the beauty of nature is yours if you arrive one day before the start of our summer solstice event. In the Garden with Anastasia, VII, begins at 8:00 am on June 19, at the property of Mona and David Lewis, a model permaculture demonstration and teaching garden for Paradise Permaculture Institute.

First, meditation and Paneurhythmy prepare you for the joyful work ahead. Then a tour of the outdoor institute ushers you into a new world of full cooperation with Mother Nature as even in the high desert climate, vegetation of many varieties flourishes.

From the rolling high tunnel to the amazing cordwood building to the food forest, you will be inspired with ideas for your own garden no matter what size it may be.  

After the tour and in the midst of all the verdant magnificence, a time of communion with the ascended masters through a HeartStream will draw you closer and closer to the gnomes, fairies, and devas teaming all about you.

After an intermission, get ready to learn from Mona during her 90-minute class ways to work with nature in co-creating abundant foodscapes and sacred spaces and adapting permaculture practices to your garden and climate.

An Afternoon at the Healing Light Retreat
The afternoon session begins at 2:30 at the Healing Light Retreat, a secondary healing retreat for Mother Mary’s devotees in the West. 

On this dedicated property is a Vaastu Temple,* which you can experience as you explore the HLR grounds. Inside the HLR center, a talk from David and a HeartStream are planned. Also you will hear a brief presentation from the HLR board, and engage in a time of prayer and song.

Nancy and Dan Lach, the owners and stewards of HLR since March 2023, and the entire HLR board invite you to join them to find out what this healing center can offer you.

So arrive a day early. The elementals are waiting. And the Deva of the Vaastu Temple anticipates showering you with her healing presence!

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