Wisdom Teaching of the Lords of the Seven Rays

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Wisdom Teaching of the Lords of the Seven Rays

with The Maha Chohan

by David Christopher Lewis

Paperback 312 pages; includes 8 color images by David Keil

The Lords of the Seven Rays are divine beings who offer profound teachings and revelations to guide mankind forward in our spiritual progress, leading us upward into the light of divine love. Their teachings inspire us to do the inner spiritual work that will facilitate our entrée into an Aquarian Age of enlightenment, brother/sisterhood, and true personal and planetary freedom. This book offers candid insights from these masters of wisdom of East and West, including their mentor, The Maha Chohan, representative of the Holy Spirit. Clairaudient and spiritual teacher David Christopher Lewis began receiving their teachings and radiation in June 2004 through what the masters call HeartStreams, and this compilation of their instruction is a landmark release of truth, lovingly crafted to help us meet today’s challenges.


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