Calling All Angels

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Calling All Angels

A Guide to Communing with Angels for Personal and Planetary Assistance
by Christine Chalenore
Hardback 128 pages

“This book is as beautiful in its content as it is beautiful to the eye. A gift rich in love and humility; readers will be deeply, spiritually touched, as I have been.”    Amora Quan Yin, founder of Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, author of Pleiadian Perspective on Human Evolution, Awakening Your Divine Ka and Awakening Your Divine Ba

“There is so much love, beauty, and devotion here! It will be a wondrous gift and service to all who receive it.”    Joanna Cherry, founder of Ascension Mastery International, author of Living Mastery and Self Initiations

“Christine’s profound little book proves once again that the world’s deepest spiritual teachings are most powerfully stated with elegant simplicity. It is filled from cover to cover with grounded, approachable, easily useable information for people of all denominations who are working daily to incorporate the presence of the Divine into their lives.” Dawn Fazenda, Editor Mount Shasta Magazine

Author Christine Chalenor met her guardian Angel at age two in a thrilling encounter, and has spent a lifetime communing with Angels and with God. An insatiable quest for truth and overwhelming Love of God and the Angels have been the forces to create this book.

Visionary artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose brings images from the higher dimensions into the field of time and space in a process she calls “Art through the Eyes of the Soul.”