Poems of Eternal Praise

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Poems of Eternal Praise to Angels, Masters, and Cosmic Beings

by Doretha Stewart
Softcover, 82 pages
Poems of Eternal Praise is Doretha’s third book. It is based on her lifetime study and devotion to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. In it, she welcomes us to: “Focus our attention on these exalted masters, consider their miraculous adventures, and ask for their help during ours. As they did before us, we can also call upon the angels and cosmic beings of heaven that oversee and guide our destinies… Amid unscrupulous, wavering, and irresolute times, what a magnificent divergence we may indulge in, as we partake in these poems of eternal praise and integrate our consciousness with the energy of angels, masters and cosmic beings!”

Doretha Stewart lives in the Midwest near a plethora of beautiful cultures, elemental life, the mighty Lake Michigan, rivers, fields of green and a city that has a glorious history and future. Most precious to her is her family—her children and grandchildren—who are her greatest support, inspiration, and means of self-introspection.