Co-Creating Divinely Loving Relationships Booklet

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Co-creating Divinely Loving Relationships


How do we balance our spirituality within a romantic relationship?

We co-create a divinely loving relationship in which both heaven and earth are balanced and in which our partner and we are honored in a dynamic and cooperative spirit of true friendship and mutual respect. Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus provide Aquarian insights into how we can live lovingly and fruitfully together while still engaged in an initiatic path toward complete union with God.

Our Venusian friends share keys such as: developing great communication and listening skills; appreciation, forgiveness and levity as healers; fun and creative activities that bring us closer; sharing household responsibilities to maximize time together; allowing space without being aloof or remote; optimism, positivity and lightheartedness to “tenderize” our souls and spirits; holding the high ideal, divine image and magic presence for our partner and ourselves.

Prepare to be illumined, empowered and transformed within a beautiful love-field uniquely created during this class.