Goal Setting Magic Makes Kids’ Wishes Come True

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Goal Setting Magic Makes Kids’ Wishes Come True:

A Character Building and Creative Arts Program

Developed & Illustrated by Nicola Woywitka

One Year Program includes: Ready-made, creative-arts lesson plans, reproducible illustrations, a games resource, materials for the
children’s project activity book, a checklist for child assessment, and real-life, heart-warming stories of success for teachers.

The Goal Setting Magic Kit includes the printed version of this book plus a Flash Drive containing a PDF version of the book and
over 100 color digital images, four audio files, and a 3' x 5' mural file.

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This lively video reveals the Magic Formula for making dreams come true!  Empower your children for lifelong success with this program.


Imagine your children feeling the thrill of manifesting their goals! Bringing their dreams into reality! Imagine yourown joy as they continue through life to fulfill their worthy desires, making the world a better place.

The Key to their success? …..a mysterious formula called…..

~ My Can-Do Spirit’s Magic Recipe ~

As the Goal Setting Magic program unfolds…

Your children discover the recipe’s Secret Ingredients—goal-achieving virtues hidden in 12 fairy tales—and explore them through the creative arts. Stepping into the “skin” of the stories’ characters through drama, dance, art, music, and poetry activities, the children experience their trials and triumphs. They come to understand and remember these 12 virtues which make wishes come true, traits such as making a plan, having faith, taking action, being disciplined, and staying positive. Real magic!

Children love flights of fancy, enchantment, fantasy—anything that sparks their vivid imaginations. Capitalizing on this imaginative world in which they live, in order to make learning the 12 virtues easier, a magical all-things-are-possible aura sparkles throughout.

Magical imagery tools include a Magic Door Portal opening into a world of enchantment, creativity, and fun. Here, they meet the Positive Pixies teaching the virtues. A Brave Knight shows how he won the golden star shining in his shield. The Story light Pageant dramatizes the entrance of the fairy tale secrets. Eye-Magic Powers assist visualizing delightful outcomes. The Wise, Best Self and the Negative, Little Self tussle with each other. Who will win and make dreams come true? Captivating imagery, such as these, enhance the children’s inward journey to self-discovery and self-mastery. A positive self-identity blooms.

Commit to the program, and you will observe how 12 virtues, consistently practiced, create a magical life for your children. Witness their “aha” moments-of-truth as they put their success principles into action. Then, watch their self-confidence and self-worth soar as budding alchemists!

Use this program almost anywhere: at school, integrated into the subject areas; at home, as a homeschooling curriculum; at day camps; with children’s theatre; and in daily, practical experiences with the family. For a shorter time frame such as spring-break,introduce more units per day, and be sure to expose your students, at least once, to all of the disciplines

......And for adults who love to color?Enjoy peace, tranquility and the playfulness of communing with whimsical pixies, magical tales, and eye-magic powers.

Perfect for your inner child!


Step through the Magic Door Portal to discover each child's Best Self

• Meet the Positive Pixies

• Increase self-confidence & self-worth through artistic expression

• Engage in fun-filled, imaginative story, drama, dance, art & music activities

• Develop life-long character traits essential to achieving goals

A year-long curriculum conveniently arranged into 3 parts for the teacher

Part 1: Instructional Tools

Part 2: Teaching the Imagery Activities

Part 3: Teaching the Twelve Virtues for Achieving Goals

Lessons focus on 12 goal-achieving virtues portrayed in 12 fairy tales—instilling these success principles:

I set a goal. I make a plan.

I choose a winning team.

I act with faith.

I do what is necessary and more.

I act graciously.

I act on my plans.

I think positively.

I am disciplined.

I think with clarity.

I learn from problems.

I use imagination.

I build good habits.


About the Author

Nicola Woywitka worked as a teacher in both Canada and the United States. She has taught all grades, one through nine, in public, private, homeschooling, and drama-academy environments. She has worked as a teacher consultant and in adult education in a variety of assignments. During her attendance at numerous success seminars, a favorite pastime, she often heard parents say, “I wish I had learned these success principles when I was a kid. How much easier life would be for me now!” That unmet need inspired Nicola to create a character-building and creative-arts program for children—one specifically designed to instill skills that would empower them to fulfill their worthy desires throughout life.

Nicola has six years of university, the first four to achieve her Bachelor’s in Education, the last two for graduate studies in Early Childhood Education and Teaching Second Languages. Additionally, she studied at The Alliance Française in Paris; the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland; and the University of Western Ontario, Trois-Pistoles, in Quebec. Her studies also include Montessori education, piano and speech arts training with the Royal Conservatory of Music, commercial art with Art Instruction, Inc. in Minneapolis, and acting at the Banff School of Fine Arts. She has been blessed to live and travel in many parts of the world. She now resides in Edmonton, Canada.


I wish I’d had this book before I retired from teaching! With all the creative activities that benefit students and are fun to teach, it would have helped me in all the schools in which I’ve taught over the years: Japanese and American adult and pre -schools, all levels of classroom teaching, church schools, private schools - not to mention my own children and their children! —Sheridan