Angels Your Friends and Helpers

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back coverAngels Your Friends and Helpers


Softcover 8.5 x 11, 48 pages created by heartfriends Nancy Kolze and Alvera Kubal.


Now your child can make friends with the Angels!

Angels are our very real guardians and servants.


  From the Back Cover --

Our intent with this book is to inspire children to participate in a closer relationship with the angels—their invisible guardians and friends. We offer simple-to-understand, nondenominational information about the angels and archangels, compiled from a wide array of spiritual traditions. Included are several true personal accounts of angelic intercession and their interaction with children and adults.


Jacqueline Salmon of The Washington Post (6/24/08) writes, “According to a recent poll, most Americans believe that angels are active in the world, and nearly 80% think miracles occur... 92% believe in God or a higher spirit.” The mission of RoseLight Books is to provide universal and meaningful ways for parents to share spirituality with their children.