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Wellness Roller

Comes with a small black drawstring carry bag.
Roll this negative ion roller anywhere on your body in even repeated strokes. Arms, calves, back, face, neck... Stay on an area for a minimum of one minute to oxygenate your system, restore skin firmness and elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
The Wellness Roller is constructed from charged aluminum alloy with 42 germanium minerals and precision ball bearings. Germanium is a rare natural mineral that emits negative ions. The semi-conductivity properties helps to rebalance and increase the level of the body's energy. Negative ions facilitate delivery of oxygen to cells, improve blood circulation, and increase the body's natural healing ability. Negative ions counteract the harmful positive ions generated from electronic devices, mobile phones, computers and polution in general. You feel the concentration of negative ions in nature by standing next to a waterfall, the ocean, or after a rain storm. Now you can bring that same feeling and healing properties into your living room or massage office.




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