Wellness Pendants - Gold

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Gold Wellness Pendants

What are they? A technological breakthrough from Asia that has the ability to help balance the energy meridians of the body. They are embedded with frequencies that stimulate the biofields of the body.
Ground: emphasizes the lower chakras for focus and energy Assists with Concentration, Vitality, Energy, Alertness, Sports, and Endurance.  The back of the Grounding Pendant contains a center white stone consisting of Tourmaline powder with other nano materials such as silicon oxide, and rare earth minerals. The two red stones are referred to as FIR stones. FIR stands for Far InfraRed, associated with the harmonizing of cells within the body..1.25 inches in diameter.

Flow: Emphasizes the higher chakras for inspiration, meditation, and more lucid dreams.

What happens when someone wears a Wellness Pendant? They feel better. They have more energy and focus. With the Flow, people report better sleep and lucid dreams.

Common Comments From Wellness Pendant Customers:
More Energy
Better Balance
Tension in Neck and Shoulders Went Away
No Midday Fatigue
More Dream Activity
Better Focus
Get Out of Bed Easier
Calmed Down
The Strongest Product in the Store
More Stamina and Physical Endurance

Please thank Nancy for getting my pendant order fulfilled so quickly.   I was very surprised to get it in Saturday’s mail, and put it on immediately to good effect.  I awoke really charged up with lots of energy!   Awesome!   And had quite a vivid adventuresome dream! - John T.
A Comment From a Skeptic: "I'm a non-believer and doubted that this pendent would work. My friend said I should try her pendant for a day or so and see if there is a difference in my energy. I told her that I thought this was some kind of scam just to get you to buy something you didn't need, and wouldn't work. All she did was put it around my neck and said just wear it for a few days. I told her I couldn't believe the difference. My energy level improved and some of my aches abated. I then tried not wearing the pendant for a day or so and reverted back to slowing down. Needless to say I bought a pendant and wear it all the time" - Sue N, Los Angeles

"I ordered the grounding pendant and received it about a week ago. As soon as I put it on I could feel something emanating from it. What it has done for me in the past week is nothing short of amazing. It has cleared out so much negative energy (I did not realize I had so much negative energy). I feel much happier, smile more often…sometimes for no reason at all, seem to have more patience and finally feel like I have both feet firmly on the ground."