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Ecovillages and Self-reliant Communities in Europe

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 Ecovillages and Self-reliant Communities in Europe

 Running Time: 1hr 55 mins


This inspiring two-hour documentary shatters the images of doom and gloom, showing you a range of available earth-friendly lifestyles in harmony with oneself, other people, and the planet.

It takes you on an amazing journey to ten thriving ecological communities in eight European countries. The people who founded them had a vision of creating a world where each person’s potential can be realized to the fullest. Their successes – and the challenges that help them grow – invite you to discover the working alternatives that can provide everyone with healthy food, clean and safe environment, vibrant social life, rich and meaningful childhood experiences, sense of purpose, and economic and emotional self-reliance.

Exciting Journeys of Discovery – revealing Emerging Self-Reliant Communities across the Globe

The earth’s deepening ecological, economic, and spiritual crises appear daunting, yet thousands of emerging ecovillages show that we can live a happy, peaceful, and sustainable life based on cooperation rather than competition.

This heart-centered way of being offers paths to a brighter future for all.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller


The communities visited in this video include: Damanhur, Italy • Schloss Tonndorf, Germany • Finca Tierra, Canary Islands • La Borie Noble, France • Krishna Valley, Hungary • Matavenero, Spain • Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland • Sieben Linden, Germany • Valle de Sensaciones, Spain • Tamera, Portugal


“Today, many people are completely disenchanted and without hope. A world without dreams loses substance. We'd like to see everybody have a dream and be empowered to manifest it here on earth. This is our vision.” — Falco Oberto Airaudi, Founder of Damanhur Community, Italy

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