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Together, We Are Winning!
Fundraising Campaign


YOU Make It Possible

As of November 28, we have raised $4,805

The mission of The Hearts Center is to bring the Aquarian energies into the present moment through our co-creativity and the Self-realization of every disciple. Another part of this mission is the revitalization of chelaship and discipleship, empowering all heartfriends to be invested in the masters’ work and to transform the world through our prayers and meditations.

Everything The Hearts Center accomplishes is possible thanks to the generosity of our donors and all of our heartfriends who join with us in prayer.  Every day, around the world, TOGETHER, we are WINNING. TOGETHER, we are reaching the world with the message of the ascended masters through HeartStreams, broadcasts, events, expos, Meru University, publications, art, digital media, local communities, book studies, and Soul-Raising Sessions.

We are blessed to be in partnership with you for world transformation. Your generosity has made it possible for The Hearts Center to do what we have done and what we will continue to do in the future.

Be Our Partner - Join Our Together, We Are Winning Fundraising Campaign!

Our goal is to raise $30,000 over the next 10 weeks.

We invite you to prayerfully consider how the ascended masters have gifted you with their teachings, blessings, graces and treasures, and to explore in prayer what you feel your Presence is calling you to give during this campaign, which goes beyond your regular tithing and giving. Victory! Victory! Victory!

Ways to Donate

 You may donate on this page via credit or debit card, PayPal or E-Check.

 To make your donation by phone, please call 312-253-7600.

For donations by check, please make checks payable to The Hearts Center:

 The Hearts Center
PO Box 277
Livingston, MT 5904

The Hearts Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax-deductible.




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