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Tithe Fund

Your generosity makes it possible for The Hearts Center’s to fulfill it's mission to sustain and expand the balance of light on the Earth, and share the ascended masters' teachings throughout the World.  

For the last ten years, thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, our community has been a key agent in the delivery of God’s healing light to the planet. Through our diverse labors of love, we offer avenues of opportunity to those who would dare to be in the avant-garde of the healing of the planet on many levels and through many leading edge technologies.

Tithing Testimonials

The first year that I found the ascended masters, I gave the largest donation I had ever given to an organization. At the end of the year, I received a bonus from my employer. Later I remembered my donation and realized that the year-end bonus was exactly 10 times the amount that I had given. Wow!! —C.A.

Thanks to Christian parents who practiced the law of the tithe, I have tithed since my first job at 16, many, many decades ago, except for a 10-year period when I got a bit lost. I believe tithing is one of the major reasons my heart opened to the profound teachings of the ascended masters in 1987. Since then I have received numberless blessings, including answers to spiritual questions I never thought I would know in this life. I've received  healings at all levels of my being, including the physical, and experienced God's presence becoming sweeter and more tender through the years.  We simply cannot outgive our heavenly Father/Mother. —C.W.

Ten Ways The Hearts Center and You Are Healing the Planet Through Loving Service

  1. Providing ten years of progressive revelation, inspirational messages, teachings and darshan's through a living messenger.
  2. Maintaining an archive of over 4,300 HeartStreams from well over 300 different ascended masters—offered free to everyone on our website.
  3. Offering prayer services and broadcasts free of charge.
  4. Sharing the ascended masters practical ongoing revelations for personal awakening and Self-realization through publications like Advanced Studies of the Human Aura and Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy.
  5. Supporting spiritual seekers in over 30 countries by providing spiritual education opportunities on personal enlightenment and new age thought through Meru University courses—many of which are free.
  6. Anchoring light and building community heart-to-heart through quarterly conferences and pilgrimages around the United States and the world.
  7. Providing opportunities for self-development, service, balancing karma and fulfilling dharma through volunteer opportunities.
  8. Organizing monthly introductory teleconferences, study groups, Meetups, teleconference prayer gatherings, and social get-togethers.
  9. Empowering a dedicated team who pray on behalf of those whose names are submitted to our healing chalice.
  10. Engaging in devotional offerings and meditations through our rosaries, YouTube videos, and song and decree books.

We stand with you believing that as you give to others it will be given to you—pressed down, shaken together and running over (Luke 6:38). Your gift makes a difference!

Mother Mary's Message on the Blessings of Tithing


Benefits of the Tithe by El Morya



Prime the pump of your financial affairs!  Pledge a recurring tithe to The Hearts Center!


Your charitable donation is tax deductible within the USA and you will be sent a summary receipt of your donations after year end.




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