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The Butterfly Dance: Peter Deunov's Paneurhythmy

by: Ardella Nathanael

Illustrations by Elena Kostadinova
Music by Peter Deuonv
English Lyrics by Vessela Nestorova and Barnaby Brown

Paperback: 28 pages 


The Butterfly Dance is a beautiful book for children. It teaches how to practice Peter Deunov's Paneurhythmy — a dance, movement meditation. Each movement of the Paneurhythmy is illustrated with enchanting paintings that show how the movements are performed. The sheet music is also provided along with the lyrics. All of this is tied together by a charming story of a caterpillar who seeks to become a butterfly. The illustrations show children from around the world dancing the divine Paneurhythmy movements created by the Master Peter Deunov.

The book includes an introduction for parents and teachers, guidelines for dancing, the music and lyrics for the first ten movements of the Paneurhythmy (the First Day of Spring), and the Blessing.


"The Butterfly is an Angel flying its own airplane" — Peter Deunov



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