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The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld

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The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld

by: John Matthews
Paperback: 132 pages
Illustrations by: Deva Jean Berg


This unusual book by John Matthews traces his connection with a "Faery" or Sidhe being. It is full of wisdom and interesting detail about this "cousin" race to humanity. It includes six exercises and an illustration of a "Great Glyph" which acts as a tool of attunement with these graceful beings.

About the Author
John Matthews has written and compiled over sixty books on the Arthurian Legends, Wisdom and Grail Studies, as well as numerous short stories and a volume of poetry. He has devoted much of the past thirty years to the study of Arthurian Traditions and myth in general. His best known and most widely read works are The Grail, Quest for Eternal Life, The Arthurian Tarot (devised with his wife Caitlin) and The Winter Solstice, which won the Benjamin Franklin Award for 1999. He was recently guest editor of the journal Arthuriana and his book Celtic Warrior Chiefs was a New York Public Library recommended title for young people. John has been involved in a number of media projects, as both an advisor and contributor, including the big budget movie King Arthur, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Antoine Fuqua, due for release in 2004, on which he acted as an historical advisor. Much in demand as a speaker both in Europe and the United States, he has taught at (among others) the Temenos Academy in London, St Hilda’s College, Oxford, and at the New York Open Centre, and at the University of Seattle in Washington. He has also worked in collaboration with the Joseph Campbell Foundation, with whom he continues to retain contact. He is currently working on several new projects, including a study of Merlin. His eagerly awaited edition of Thomas Malory’s masterpiece Le Mort D’Arthur appeared in 2002, and this year saw the publication of his history of wizards and a major divinatory pack, “The Green Man Tree Oracle.”