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Sweet Brother Mine: a Story of the Sister of Jesus

by Deslie McClellan
Playhouse Books, © 2021
A Factually Intriguing and Beautifully Written Tale of the Human and Divine Life of Jesus and of the Hidden Mysteries He Taught to His Inner Disciples.

Sweet Brother Mine tells the life and ministry of Jesus through the eyes of his younger sister, Lillie, as they grow up in Galilee during the Roman occupation of Judea.  While Jesus is studying in the East to be a rabbi and a spiritual healer, we follow Lillie as she prepares to be a Jewish wife and mother.  She falls in love with a Roman Tribune, marries and leaves her family to live in Rome—an alien world that both frightens and dazzles her.  When Jesus comes back to Galilee, Lillie longs to return home and help her mother and siblings assists in his ministry.  But she arrives too late.  Jesus has been crucified.  What follows is the miracle of her redemption through the divine heart of the resurrected Christ.

Deslie McClellan tells the tale poetically, but realistically.  The family of Jesus comes vividly to life.  We move through the years with them, sharing their fears, their joys, their heartaches.  The pages are filled with warmth, laughter, romance, and drama.  There is also great purity and beauty in the deep love between Lillie and her brother and between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.  Each character is distinct and dramatically well-etched, and the reader feels he is right there experiencing the events in real time.

The book is compelling in the mystical wisdom it breaks down and offers to the reader in digestible nuggets.  It will hold the attention of atheists, Christians and New Age seekers alike.  The majesty of the Christ that this book unfolds is not only the story of Jesus; it is the story of each of us becoming the Christ, as Jesus did.  He came not just to redeem our sins but to build the bridge of love so that we might also pass across to the heart of God, and into the sweet mystery of Love.

Sweet Brother Mine has the power to wipe away a tear or invite an unexpected laugh that heals the heart and opens the jeweled door to the sacred adventure that is life.

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