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Standing Metal Buddha

9.5 lbs 15.25" h x 6"w x 6"
Price $189.00

At over 21 inches tall this brass, medium size standing Buddha statue may be somewhat
large for most home altars. Thought of as more a home adornment, or even an outside
garden focus, it imparts an erect, vigilant stateliness to whatever surroundings it is
placed in.

The raised right hand extending outward at the level of the chest or slightly higher is the
gesture of fearlessness--the Abhay Mudra. Abhaya translated from Sanskrit is
fearlessness. The left hand extending downward with palm open is the Yin mudra of
acceptance, sincerity. On this statue, it is the very essence of balance, even wholeness
and harmonization of all energy within the Awakened one who guards the consciousness
of the All-Buddha.

Place this focus where the concentration of steadfast vigilance and fearlessness can
collect or add to the Feng Shei of a hallway or passageway. Or perhaps stand it by a
doorway or entrance. This Asian fellow may be a secret talisman of Ray O' LIght the
precepter, as we know him, of the Fearlesssness Flame. In the East, the progenitor of



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