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Standing Buddha with Scepter

9.5 lbs 15.25" h x 6"w x 6"
Price $189.00

This statue has the classic rounded head and elongated ears of the (male) Buddhist
monk. The standing posture holding the scepter at the ready is likely a symbol of Jizo
Boddhisatva, the monk assigned by Gautama to protect the people (the Sangha) until
the return of Maitreya Buddha.

A burnished brass color at over 15 inches tall; the left hand held at the level of the
heart is confirmation of this monk's dedication to the Dharma, the heart-mindfulness of
upholding the precepts and noble truths of the All-Guru and the boddhisatva ideal.

Place where a reminder is helpful, where-in is reinforced the indwelling knowing that
placed in your hands are all the tools and implements required to stay true to your path.
This one helps to guard that illumined consciousness and holds fast the precious gift
which we now know as the new Eightfold Path.

With him, we prepare the way for the return of Maitreya and his retinue of saints.
Indeed we are the agents of alchemy to see that, as it is ordinated by and through the
Suchness of the Great Buddha's diamond-shining-mind, so we help make it real in
resoluteness to make it so...


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