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Spirituality 4 Kids: Discover the Real You! eBook

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Spirituality 4 Kids: Discover the Real You!

by Serena Gaefke
eBook 82 pages


This divinely inspired ebook by Serena Gaefke is a unique introduction to spirituality for children ages 7 – 13. It is replete with instruction, humor, adorable images, puzzles, teasers, and laughter! Children are introduced to topics such as the soul, reincarnation, the ascended masters, the presence of God within, peace begins within, prayer, their life purpose, the golden rule, the body temple, the power of music and much more.

The language and tone of the book are perfectly suited for children ages 7 - 13. The puzzles and activities make it a page turner, with anticipation for the next surprise! Are you a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or neighbor of children in this age group? Then this ebook is for you – to share with them!

The chapter titles include:

Who are you? A journey in God-Self discovery
So, why am I here? What do I do with my life?
Your actions matter - here’s why and what to do about it!
Been there, done that!
You are a powerful spiritual being
Heaven has powerful spiritual beings too!
So you’d like to become an Ascended Master?
Tests are coming – and I don’t mean school tests!
Got connection?
Are you good looking or what?
Music on your spiritual path


When you print the PDF, the children will be able to enjoy all of the fun puzzles and games.

This ebook is destined to be a best-seller, except for one detail. It is free! This is due to Serena’s unprecedented generosity.  And, it’s free to share with others.

Please consider making a donation to The Hearts Center, above, in gratitude for this beautiful offering. Your donation of $15.00 or more will help us continue to fulfill our mission, and to make so many of our offerings available to you free on our web site.

And guess what? You might just enjoy reading this book yourself!

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