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Pharaoh of the Sun:

Akhenaten and the Culture of Love (Sons of the Sun Book 1)

By Wayne Purdin

eBook 127 pages


"Pharaoh of the Sun: Akhenaten and the Culture of Love" is a three-part love story. First, there is the passionate love between Akhenaten and Nefertiti and its testing as Akhenaten is forced to marry the seductive Princess Tadukhepa. Then there is the love between Akhenaten and the Aten, who speaks to his heart as he gazes upon the sun disk. His fiery devotion to his one true God puts him at odds against the powerful priesthood of Amen-Ra and the treacherous high priest, Meryptah. Finally, there is Akhenaten's love for his people and all peoples as he establishes a mystery school to teach the children of the leaders of Egypt and other nations. He is aided in this mission by his beloved Nefertiti, Meryra high priest of Aten, and his vizier Nakhtpaaten, also known as Joseph, son of Jacob.

This book is the first in a series of four on the Sons of the Sun. It follows the origins and history of The Teaching from Akhenaten to the present day.



Pharaoh of the Sun had many touching moments that brought tears to my eyes. The love between Akhenaten and Nefertiti was probably the greatest story never told, until now. The premarital advice they received from the wise old philosopher, Huy, should be given to every married couple. The conflict between Akhenaten and the high priest Meryptah kept me turning pages. The characters and their dialogue are believable, especially Queen Tiye, who sounds like the first feminist. The revelation that Akhenaten's vizier was Joseph, son of Jacob, makes sense and gives me a greater appreciation for the bible story. The conclusion that Akhenaten's religion was the seed of Christianity also makes sense. I look forward to reading the other books in the Sons of the Sun series about Moses and Jesus.—Josefine Stark