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Seated Carved Wooden Buddha

5.5 lbs 14" h x 8.5"w x 5"
Price $250.00
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This stylized carved wooden Buddha owes its existance to an Indonesian master carver.

Seated in a classic lotus posture, the delicate lines exhibit a grace, elegance and beauty
that only a highly skilled artisan could fashion.

The face of the peaceful, serene countenance of this closed-eyed boddhisatva is
projecting powerful mindfulness and resoluteness, expressed in the symbolism of the
mudra hand gestures.

Both the right hand held at the level of the heart and the left hand resting by the knee
are held in the "Akash" mudra also termed the "Karana" Mudra (

"The karana gesture has its index finger and little finger pointing straight upwards, while
the other fingers fold into the palm. The karana Buddha can be depicted both seated
and standing. The meaning of this gesture is to ward off evil and to get rid of demons
and negative energy." credit:

Considering that both hands hold this mudra together implies a serious warding-off
action is being projected through the third eye of this meditative one. Place where a
positive clearance, a sweeping away of stagnant energy would otherwise settle. Who
knows? Maybe this little treasure will remind you to keep your space tidy...

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