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Saraswati Statue with Swan

1.13 lbs 13.5" h x 5.0"w x 2.5"
Price $150.00

Hindu Goddess Saraswati master wood carving. An elegant expression of the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, art and music
and wife of Brahma the creator seen wistfully strumming on the classic veena musical instrument. Standing over and upon the
swan, her notes take flight into and through the heavens borne aloft on wings in peace and calm.

With an extra pair of arms holding up the sacred sutras, this carving exhibits the classic embellishments of a long tradition of
Indian inspired carvings and cast statues of this feminine deity. The fluidity and grace of this statue distinguishes it from many
of the popular, mass-marketed statues traded on the export market to the west.

Finely detailed, delicately rendered, a master carver obviosly adores and worships the nobler aspects and virtues of the divine
feminine in this object of reverence. A fine addition to any setting devoted to the observance and display of the fine arts.

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Other Items In This Category


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