• San Diego Valentine's Weekend Prayer Vigil 2016

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Valentine’s Weekend Prayer Vigil

 Mother Mary Comes with Extraordinary Love


 in Support of Unity and Harmony within Families, Communities & Nations

Originally Broadcast February 12 – 14, 2016


Your Divine Mother Is Calling

Gifted clairaudient and Aquarian author and composer David Christopher Lewis led a two day retreat in Vista California. This Valentine weekend prayer vigil, captured on video, was sponsored by Mother Mary’s own heart. Commune with the hearts of many Heavenly Mothers—Omega, Venus, Portia, Nada, Rose of Light, the recently ascended Lady Clarity, as well as beloved Mother Mary.

         Experience the intercession of the Mother Principle, the Mother Ray, the Ma-Ray to increase love, unity and harmony within our families, communities and nations. Receive her comforting messages, delivered through David Christopher Lewis. Feel the love and support of Mother Mary who extends her heart in a uniquely personal blessing to individual families.

        Through prayer, song, sacred dance and meditation, offer your devotions to the Mothers of Heaven and receive their help in resolving your inner conflicts and enhance your family and community relationships. During this event our Divine Mothers bestowed  profound blessings of light for the Earth.


A Touch of Divine Love— blessings and opportunities:

  • The touch of divine love to your heart chakra with a Rose of Sharon oil blessing
  • A rare anointing with a ray of light from the heart of Omega
  • An opportunity to petition Omega for world peace


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The discussions about the HeartStreams that occur after the event are very insightful. I also enjoy David sharing his insights. It's a real sharing that builds a heart-space between this organization and myself. This is my second online broadcast experience with the Hearts Center. I felt the closeness of the Cosmic Presence, the Power and the Love of the those who came forward to deliver HeartStreams through David. I had a wonderful sense of comfort and an expansion of my heart and understanding that words are inadequate to articulate. —S.S.

I so appreciated the heart quality and love that was shared by the masters and all the participants. I enjoyed hearing everyone share their personal experiences. It made me feel like I was there.—N.H.

Some of the highlights of this for me were Mother Mary's singing heart stream, all of the heart streams were wonderful, and the love that I felt throughout the conference. I feel that this is a turning of cycles. We have begun a new cycle at the Hearts Center. God bless everyone who was there in person and on the broadcast. The love was so tangible. I felt a wonderful atmosphere of love, comfort, acceptance, and joy. Also I felt forgiveness and I now forget what the forgiveness was for. It all has been transmuted. Thank you, thank you, thank you, beloved masters.—C.A.

I is always lovely to be in community with like-minded individuals. I met up with many people whom I've seen at other spiritual gatherings and met some new lovely souls on the path. Very heart-warming. This Hearts Center Valentine's Weekend Prayer Vigil was a loving experience for me. To be in the presence of Masters, both in the body and not, enriched me on all levels. Thank you, David and all of your team!—M.C.

Felt God many different ways. He worked a good Healing in me. I really needed this event. I am very Thankful.—B.B


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