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Red Flower Seeds

1 Pound
The product will be delivered in a ground form so it is ready to be used in a cup of tea.
How to use:
Recommended dosage is one or two cups a day. Simply add a tea spoonful of R. F. S. into a cup of hot water and wait a minute or two before you enjoy. For a quicker benefits, you may eat the seeds.

According to the manufacturer, Red Flower Seed tea is the fastest and easiest way to help solving your problems with bone and joints.
One study concluded that L sativum seeds had a marked influence on fracture healing in rabbits, clearly supporting their effects on human beings as a well-known natural element to promote fracture healing in traditional medicine.

Research has shown that Red Flower Seed is also known for prevention and helping osteoporosis.
In Oriental Medicine, Red Flower Seed is a must for any symptoms which require stronger bone support; older women, babies, or anyone who is involved with physical activities require strong bones.
More benefits
*Pregnant women are advised not to take Red Flower Seed because it may cause the baby to have firm and strong bones which will make the delivery very difficult. Taken early in pregnancie it can cause spontaneous abortion.

Wanted to let you know about the effectiveness of the Red Flower Seed in helping my son heal from his fractured wrist. "My twelve year old son fractured his wrist in three places. He was x -rayed the following day and the doctor told me that he would be in pain and be in a cast for six to eight weeks. A few days later I met James (our supplier) and learned about the effectiveness of Red Flower Seed to heal fractures quickly.
I wasn't prepared for just how quickly my son would be healed. A week later after we went to the orthopedic doctor for another x-ray and for my son to be put in a hard cast. However when the nurse came back with the x-ray, I asked her how it looked. She said, well.. I don't see anything but the doctor will have to tell you what he thinks. " The doctor looked at the x-ray, and said that he had a break and should be in a lot of pain and unable to use his wrist . But my son, was not in pain and was able to pick up a one pound hydrogen peroxide bottle where a week earlier he couldn't pick up a leaf. The doctor kept pressing the area where he was injured asking if he was in any pain and my son kept saying no. The doctor couldn't believe what my son was telling him as he had in his thirty years never seen a case like this. He called in the nurse to take another x-ray and that x-ray didn't show anything different and that his fracture had almost healed completely. I told the doctor that I didn't want my son in a hard cast that I believed he would continue to heal extremely well.  I mentioned that he was taking Red Flower Seed but the doctor dismissed what I said"

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