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Prayers to Astrea CD


What beloved El Morya has to say about this CD:
Experience One Hour with the Elohim of Purity!
  • This CD is an hour spent with God in the very heart of the ray of purity where you can have stripped from you, as you choose, anything that assails you that has been a burden or a trial or even demonic in terms of a challenge to your lifestream.
  • During this hour of prayer, the electronic presence of the Elohim can super-charge you with their electronic energy for your freedom.
  • As you are engaging in this alchemy of one hour of earth time, the Elohim are expanding the consciousness in your higher bodies to one hour of Elohim time. One hour of Elohim time could be millions of year!
  • You have the opportunity to receive blessings and boons from the Elohim within your higher bodies that expands your awareness into cosmic consciousness.
  • Every time you engage your heart’s fire with this CD with intention and focus, it affords you the opportunity to have a piece of your own Presence manifesting through higher consciousness that is the beginnings of cosmic consciousness.
  • Make the most of this dispensation! After giving the prayers on the CD, have pen and paper next to you and take a few minutes to meditate and be in silence and write down what comes to you…
  • …You have opened a portal to heaven and the floodgates of your higher consciousness are there pouring forth and you can receive great inspiration for any project or endeavor you are undertaking.
During this hour of prayer you are literally as free as you choose to be. Encumbrances and attachments are lifted and you are free to be your true self. Be creative. The unlimited potential is there for you to engage your God-Potential.

Track Prayer/Song Description Repetitions Time
1 Song 129 Mighty Astrea 1 3:27
2 40.005 Circle and Sword of Astrea preamble   1:24
3 40.005 Circle and Sword of Astrea (also 10.009)
[meditative pace]
9 6:33
4 40.005 Circle and Sword of Astrea (also 10.009)
[accelerated pace]
36 19:52
5   Song Kali Ma (by Sahadev)   10:05
6 40.002 Bathe the Earth in Light! 12 13:05
7   Closing   0:43
Total Time:   61:04
* Text for these prayers and songs can be found at
Click on Media Center, then Prayers and Songs.


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