Sacred Surrender Booklet

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Sacred Surrender: Ritual of the Divine Interchange

A 16-page pocket-sized booklet with color cover featuring a prayer and meditation service created by students of the 2006 Meru University class on Sweet Surrender with El Morya. Includes 5 reproductions of celestial scenes by artist Gustave Dore'.


Sacred Surrender: Ritual of the Divine Interchange is a beautiful tool and contains key teachings on the law of surrender.


When you feel out of sorts, out of kilter or having difficulty maintaining your balance and harmony take the opportunity to go deep within to meditate upon God deep within your threefold flame within your heart. Take up the Sacred Surrender ritual and ask your own Higher Self what you can surrender so that your life may advance and that you can fulfill your divine plan. There is no better way to step over the threshold of outer consciousness to that haven of stillness within than to let go of your past momentums and place your trust in God fully and finally. The sacrifice of the lesser self requires that God give you more of his Spirit so that you may proceed through the various rooms of your inner temple to ultimately discover the pearl of great price, which is the God flame. See it for what it is and realize your full potential.


Sacred surrender creates the space for Mother Mary and other ascended masters to establish a heart-tie with you. This connection of love creates a highway for the spiritual essences and fragrances of your hearts to blend and merge allowing a greater intimacy with their beings.


The Sacred Surrender ritual can also be used to assist other souls. The Seven Archangels and Archeiai also use our prayers in the Sacred Surrender Ritual to place a layer of light substance around the auras of individuals caught in the astral plane, to assist them in letting go of the past. By reciting this ritual you may also be an angel attendant to souls striving to reach the higher etheric planes.


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