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Prayers and Songs to Archangel Michael and Faith

Track List

1. Song #53 Great Central Sun, We Praise!
2. Prayer 10.017B  Archangel Michael’s Morning Prayer 
3. Song #13  Hymn to Faith
4. Prayer 10.012 Fiats to Archangel Michael 
5. Prayer 10.023  I AM Standing Now with Michael (33x) 
6. Song #11  Michael’s Great Blue Sword 
7. Prayer 10.016  Dear Michael, Archangel (20x) 
8. Song #126  Shield of Faith 
9. Prayer 10.007-Sung  Blessed Micah, Angel Friend
10. Prayer 10.000-Sung Dear Michael, Protect Us! (5x) 
11. Prayer 10.001 Dear Michael, Come! (4x) 
12. Song #12  Archangel Michael’s March


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