Rosary of Faith DVD

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Rosary of Faith DVD

Your prayers and songs literally come alive in this visual  masterpiece! Feel your joy, gratitude, and charity expand through compelling visualizations as you invoke the powerful intercession of the Seven Archeiai: Faith, Christine, Charity, Hope, Mary, Aurora and Amethyst.

 Let Faith’s diamond sphere of angelic light beingness—as your own—radiate and emanate as you follow along. Anchor her shield of faith and see yourself soaring to the sun. Affirm that legions of angels surround the Earth to save all sentient beings, to serve those in distress, to anchor God-government, and to wrap all in God’s blessings.

Let your devotion as a garland of roses rising to the divine feminine archangels raise the mother light in you. Pour forth your love in these prayers and songs to impress these visions into matter. Open your chakras and feel heaven on earth now in the archeiai’s eternal glow!