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Jewel Tree of Tibet Booklet

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Tibetan Buddhist scholar and university professor Robert Thurman has translated and published a powerful spiritual ritual within his book The Jewel Tree of Tibet that he calls the “Mentor Devotion.” His commentary offers insightful understanding of the deep mysticism of its origins juxtaposed against what modern quantum physics has corroborated of the eternal wisdom within these ancient teachings.

Within this booklet, with kind permission from the author, we include the full text of this devotional ritual in English for the use of devotees who resonate with its latent power to assist in their work of Selfrealization and enlightenment. Inherent in its poetic verbiage and rhythm is a certain divine magic that we may invoke, calling for the assistance of bodhisattvas, celestial guides and guardian spirits in our daily lives.

Whether you use this inspirational reading daily or only on special occasions, you may be moved to new levels of Buddhic beingness each time you enter your heart through mindfulness and recreate a morphic field of light all around your aura, your home, your work and around the Earth itself.