I AM the One CD

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I AM the One CD

The Power to Be Who You Truly Are!
This CD is a powerful way to merge your being with El Morya's whenever you feel the need for the Spirit's light in your day or in your world. It provides a very effective means for staying in presence and maintaining a powerful auric stream of God-energy hour by hour.

"Yes, dearest ones, you have my CD. Play it often. And if you do not yet have it, I again commend you to this matrix of power, God-power, wherein you may understand your own divine nature within the eternal fire that I bear and which you may live in as a frequency of fire, as an eternal light-energy of God-glory.

The purpose of all of what we do is to glorify God, is to shine forth that light of our true Solar Selfhood within the One, is to completely identify with the I AM THAT I AM and be that eternal light 24/7, knowing ourselves as one within the All and being our true nature of fire." --El Morya, September 4, 2012


Secure Your Home and City in Light
This I AM the One CD is a wonderful alchemy that brings the blue ray power of the Will of God into action in the world of form wherever it is played. El Moray says when you play this CD in your home on a daily basis he will energetically place his presence in every atom and molecule of your house. He will radiate the magnetism of his causal body to clear out energies that are not pure and replace them with the power of the blue fire light.  After 33 days the momentum will be secured in your home and as you continue to play the CD daily El Morya will be able to expand this powerful matrix and grid of light into your neighborhood and then into your city. –David Lewis, December 29, 2011


I AM the One!
Track Prayer/Song Description Repetitions Time
1 Song 35   
Hail to the Chief 1 1:57
2 20.023   
El Morya’s Great Central Sun Meditation 9 3:52
3 10.010   
I AM the One! preamble 1 1:07
4 10.010   
I Am the One! (sung) 1 1:54
5 10.010   
I Am the One! (meditative) 10 9:28
6 10.010   
I Am the One! (accelerated) 36 24:36
7 10.010   
I Am the One! (sung)  


8 10.011  
El Morya Will Guide 3 3:26
9 10.003   
Master Morya 9 5:16
10 30.012   
O Magi-Masters Bright! 3 6:14
11   Closing   0.41
12 Song 36   
Hercules Descend!   3:16
Total Time:   64:18
* Text for these prayers and songs can be found at www.heartscenter.org.
Click on Media Center, then Prayers and Songs.