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Planting Seeds Giving Campaign

The Hearts Center Is Planting Seeds Across the Earth Through Our Sacred Work

Beloved Portia revealed the impact of the holy work performed by heartfriends during a prayer service in August 2012. She spoke of the “seeds of light” sown across the Earth through the frequencies generated during the devotional service:

…You have penetrated into the heights of cosmic consciousness, and you have also afforded many angelic beings the opportunity to find their way into the lives of numberless numbers of souls through the grace that has flown and that you have sown as seeds of light across the Earth. There is new soulfulness, there is new presence and there is new opportunity for victory in the light.

…O, if you could see, with eyes wide open and your inner spiritual gifts fully employed, the totality of that which has manifested within your world and within your being. One day you will see, dearest ones, clearly beyond the veil and realize just how much of heaven has descended into earth this day and during each of these sessions. This is your sacred work, and again we thank you for your offerings, for your spirit of community, for your great love. —Portia,     August 25, 2012

The Hearts Center Community, together as One, plants seeds of light through our many activities and endeavors in Livingston and across the world where heartfriends are engaged in local groups and individually. Please assist us in continuing to develop, improve and expand upon all of these activities and endeavors as we move forward day by day, week by week and month by month in 2021 to make The Hearts Center the best it can be for our community, for our world and for all the souls incarnate upon our Earth whom we are serving.  

Our ongoing expenses to bring forth these offerings compel us to ask for your generous help to raise $12,000 so that our sacred work as a community may continue.  We also have two summer events scheduled in June for which we desire to raise $8,000 in scholarship funds.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to support these activities.

You may specify which fund you are giving to:

$8,000 Summer Events Scholarship Fund (by May 1st)

$12,000 Planting Seeds Fund (by May 31st)


Your giving will help plant more seeds of light!


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