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Onsite Attendance

The Hearts Center 2020 Winter Solstice Conference

The Cosmic Graces Come to Bless the Earth

Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays Sing a New Song!

December 17-20, 2020  Tucson, Arizona

with David Christopher Lewis


Blessing the Earth with Elohimic Grace

The times demand all that we can give of ourselves as blessing and nurturance to one another and to Mother Earth. And the Crystal-Ray Elohim bring shimmering hope, radiant relief, vibrant and victorious visions through their gracious presence. Be empowered by the Elohim of the Crystal Rays as they emanate their scintillating light upon us and through us each day of our event.

Yes, the magic is in the crystalline details! Experience the messages of the Crystal-Ray Elohim, getting specific about how we may impact the world with the cosmic graces of gentleness, clarity of thought and communication, and agility of mind and body. 



Onsite Attendance Registration Rates

Onsite attendance fee:  $160
Age 17 and under: Free
Register children under 17 separately

This does not include the lodging/meal package cost for those staying at the Retreat Center or the commuter with meals or commuter without meals costs for those not staying at the Retreat Center. Scroll down for more information.

You must register by November 16, as our counts are due to the Retreat Center at that time.  

Note: Due to the expenses involved in holding this event in a Retreat Center, we are not able to offer senior, fixed income or any other discounts for those attending onsite.

Call 312-253-7600 if you require assistance with registration.

Event Refund Policy

All fees are non-refundable. Exceptions for illness, injury, etc., will be considered on an individual basis.






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