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Onsite Attendance

The Hearts Center 2019 Autumn: Prayer Vigil

Charge the Earth with Violet Light! Autumn Equinox Prayer Vigil

with the Seven Archangels

September 18-22, 2019  Livingston, Montana

with David Christopher Lewis

Onsite Attendance Registration Rates

Flexible fee: $100 suggested, $75 minimum

Under 30:  $50

Age 17 and under:  Free

Seniors on a fixed income: Pay what you can afford: $50.00 recommended 

Seniors over 80 years old are free or what you can afford

International Prices

Australia: $93 / $70

Europe: $93 / $70

Mexico, Central and South America: $20 / $10

Africa: $13 / $10

India (South Asia): $2


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Call 312-253-7600 if you require assistance with registration.

The Seven Archangels and Five Days of Spiritual Fellowship!
You will absolutely re-energize your body, mind, spirit and soul at our autumn equinox prayer vigil, September 18-22! Each morning on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we come together at the Sanctuary of the Heart, experiencing the presence of the seven archangels, and on Saturday night an all-violet-flame service will add an extra spin to Planet Earth! Friday and Saturday afternoons it’s Paneurhythmy at David and Mona’s with a picnic happening there on Sunday afternoon. So what’s going on Wednesday and Thursday? A lot.

Healing Light Retreat and Sage Mountain Center
On Wednesday, we will enjoy another opportunity to visit the Healing Light Retreat, While at the retreat, beloved Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary will bathe us in the light of their restorative presence. Thursday, we travel to Sage Mountain Center, in Whitehall, an example of optimum green living to enjoy two guided tours—in the morning visiting their permaculture  and sustainable living methods and in the afternoon a pleasant hike to ancient sites. Looking forward to being with you, dear heartfriend, as we together intensify the blessing of Earth at autumn equinox!

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Event Refund Policy

Refund policy: Your satisfaction with this The Hearts Center hosted event is our highest priority! Full refund requests for event registration must be made beforeSeptember 8, 2019 at 5pm MST.






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