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Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life

A Practical Guide for Parents by Mary Ellen Maunz
Paperback 232 pages
“To me, the inner life is peace. It is that place you can go to get through the tough things…. I don’t always have it, but I know it is there.” -- 24 year-old interviewee Children are born with an innate knowing of the spirit within. The intent of this book is to help us understand this powerful force and nurture it.
No matter what our beliefs, moms and dads everywhere desire to give their children opportunities to forge their own connections with the spirit. And despite any negative influences in our own upbringing, we are determined to give our children the best. In Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life, veteran educator and mother of three, Mary Ellen Maunz brings to life the concepts of Dr. Maria Montessori. Italy’s first woman physician and founder of the Montessori Method of education, she was thrice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, based on her profound understanding that the child is our great hope for a peaceful world. Maunz explores how to help children become more peaceful as they encounter the spirit within.
Learn how your child can:
• Flourish through each stage of development, even before birth
• Navigate through the challenges of the teen years
• Feel at home in the universe
• Express harmony, good will and virtue
• Understand the Golden Rule as taught in 14 spiritual traditions
A brilliant, heart-warming and inspiring book. Mary Ellen's personal stories and years of experience make this both credible and easy to read and implement in daily life. This work is profound, tender and so necessary in this day and age when our children are bombarded with negative influences, media overload and the challenges of modern society. Nancy McNabb, M.S., Parent and educator The spiritual development of the child is not usually seen as a major factor in his development. Mary Ellen Maunz corrects this oversight by showing us how to nurture the child’s spirituality at its source. Her breakthrough ideas leave us marveling at the unlimited inner potential of the child—and of ourselves—to lovingly embrace the divine. Karen P. Campbell, Ph.D. Transformative learning

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