Saved by the Light

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Saved by the Light: The True Story of a Man Who Died Twice

and the Profound Revelations He Received by Dannion Brinkley

Paperback 175 pages


The Classic That Changed Our Perception of the Afterlife

In 1975, Dannion Brinkley was struck and killed by lightning. When he awoke twenty-eight minutes later in a morgue, everything was different. He had visited the afterlife, met thirteen angels, and been given 117 revelations about the future. In the years since, one hundred of the revelations have already come true. Brinkley shares his incredible story, revealing the truth about the afterlife and providing guidance from beyond about how we should live today.



Chapter One

The First Time I Died
About five minutes before I died, I could hear the roll of thunder as another storm marched into Aiken, South Carolina. Out the window I could see lightning streak across the sky, making that sizzling sound before hitting the ground with a pop—"artillery from God," someone in my family had called it. Even on this night, September 17, 1975, at the age of twenty-five, I wanted to get off the telephone quickly to avoid a "phone call from God."

"Hey Tommy, I've got to get going, a storm's coming."

"So what?" he said.

I had been home from a trip to South America for only a few days and had planted myself on the telephone. I worked for the government and was also involved in several business concerns of my own. I owned and rented a number of houses, bought and repaired old cars, helped in my family's grocery business, and was in the process of starting a company. As the rain fell outside, I had to finish this last phone call to a business partner.

"Tommy, I gotta go. Mother always told me never to talk on the phone during a thunderstorm."

And that was it. The next sound I heard was like a freight train coming into my ear at the speed of light. Jolts of electricity coursed through my body, and every cell of my being felt as if it were bathed in battery acid. The nails of my shoes were welded to the nails in the floor so that when I was thrown into the air, my feet were pulled out of them. I saw the ceiling in front of my face, and for a moment I couldn't imagine what power it was that could cause such searing pain and hold me in its grip, dangling over my own bed. What must have been a split second seemed like an hour.

Somewhere down the hall my wife Sandy had shouted, "That was a close one," when she heard the thunder. But I didn't hear her say that, I only found out about it much later. I also didn't see the horrified look on her face as she peered down the hall and saw me hanging in midair. For a moment all I saw was the plaster of the ceiling. Then I went into another world.

From immense pain I found myself engulfed by peace and tranquility. It was a feeling I had never known before and have not had since. It was like bathing in a glorious calmness. This place that I went to was an atmosphere of deep blue and gray where I was actually able to relax for a moment and wonder just what it was that had hit me so hard.