Padre Pio Come CD

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Vocals - Padre Pio Come
Lyrics and music by David C. Lewis except as noted.
  1. Padre Pio Come
  2. Journey of Love
  3. Take My Hand, Jesus Dear
  4. Angels of Padre Pio
  5. Beauty in Bloom
  6. To the Holy Family
  7. Padre Pio Dear
  8. Our Lady of Medjugorje
  9. Land of Love
  10. Padre Pio, Friend of God
  11. Will You Be here for Me?
  12. May Angels Go with You

Performances by

  • Danna Ricards,
  • Evangelina Duke,
  • Nancy Curtis,
  • Robert Worobec,
  • Leigh Gregory, and
  • David Lewis

Padre Pio, Friend of God - from a tune: "To a Wild Rose" by McDowell

Time 46:26. Orchestrated, arranged and recorded by Dean Anderson
Copyright © 2003 by Cristos Records. All rights reserved