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Sacred Melodies CD

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Sacred Melodies CD

Instrumental music to lift your sprit by David C. Lewis

Poetry—the expression of one’s musings and inner realizations from life’s sacred events.

Music—the language of angels. When intertwined they yield psalms or “sacred songs.” What voice pricks the soul to write, and evolve a rhythmic tale that others be quickened to glean that fresh view of a moment of life of life or a fleeting revelation? Our souls—friends and greater lovers of each other than we know—without minds fettered, reap fuller blessings for the listening. And in a quiet moment, the strains of that other’s heart speaks, evokes a smile, a tear, or a special kiss upon a loved one’s cheek. I pray these simple melodies will massage your heart, lift your spirit and impart a greater reverence for life. To the little child—both within and without—are these insturmental psalms of love dedicated. For unless our lives return to the sweet and simple joys we shall in no wise enter in. May the angels go with you always.



1. Blossom of My Heart
2. Take My Hand, Jesus Dear
3. Evening Angels' Lullaby
4. To the Holy Family
5. The Humble Heart
6. Our Lady of Medjugorje
7. Promise
8. I Will Always Love You
9. Trinity
10. Early One Morning
11. Beauty in Bloom
12. Waltzing in the Womb
13. May Angles Go with You

Time 45:46. Orchestrated, arranged and recorded by Dean Anderson
Copyright © 1999 by Cristos Records. All rights reserved