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 Metal Buddha Bust - Small Brass Sculpture

Dimensions: 3.5L X 6.5W X 6H in.
Weight:  3lb. 3 oz.
Meditating Buddha - Small brass bust.
Imported from India


Looked at closely, it is remarkable that the shining face of this brass Buddha statuette is notably androgynous in appearance. In other words, our Buddha statue could be thought of as male or female.  It's entirely up to you. The lovely thing about these cast sculptures fashioned in brass is the sheen and reflection of light that plays on the faces of these India-imported, metal objects of art. Enjoy this unique characteristic taken advantage of by the sculptor who hand crafted and gave the handsome finish to this metal cast. Observe the fine, luminescent features of the nature of brass material chosen to portray a perfected, being of light.


Now as a being of light - one to another - this Buddha bust is small enough to be portable.  Take her/him wherever you go.  Ahem..., We know you already do that in a manner-of-speaking. Your Buddha Nature after-all, resides at the center of your heart. Maybe it would be nice to have this focus remind you of that in a most artful and splendid way.


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