One Touch of Venus (3 DVD's)

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Meru University class #603, One Touch of Venus, a three disk DVD album, offers the multimedia highlights of a weekend seminar on the culture of the Divine Mother with Lanello, Paul the Venetian, Nicholas Roerich, and Lady Master Nada through the Messenger, David Lewis.


The DVD contains almost six hours of musical meditations, darshans, lectures and HeartStreams. Experience this acceleration of love, light and beauty.


You can be a part of this Meru University weekend seminar that advances the culture of the Divine Mother through the fine arts. This 3-disk DVD album captures the highlights of course #603, a multi-media experience.

Tom Miller, a messenger of art and music, discourses on his 55-year journey of creativity under the tutelage of the ascended masters. This class encapsulates his inspired legacy of striving to create a bridge between heaven and earth.
In HeartStreams, both dictations and darshans, through the messenger, David C. Lewis, the ascended masters Paul the Venetian, Nichloas Roerich, Lanello and Nada share profound matrices and gifts to ennoble artisans of the spirit and inspire a renaissance in culture.
Guest speakers include Lisa Delaney and Donna Drigan, who present lives and works of ascended artists Nicholas Roerich and Paul the Venetian (Paolo Veronese).
This cosmic event, which included the lowering of an etheric focus of light from Venus, provided an unprecedented acceleration of Love, light and beauty for the evolutions of earth. Now, you too can experience "One Touch of Venus".